Tommaso Sarti


Tommaso Sarti: Ph.D. candidate in Social Sciences at the FISPPA department of the University of Padua with a project on the self-representations of young Muslims in Italy and their relationship with street cultures and (t)rap music. Visiting student at the University of Barcelona (UB) by the Observatory of Anthropology of Urban Conflict (OACU). 

Contributor to "MUN Magazine" and author of several contributions on (t)rap music and repression, Islamist radicalization and penitentiary riots for the journals "Studi sulla Questione Criminale" and “Antigone”. Graduated in Law from the University of Bologna with a dissertation on prison conflict and Islamist radicalization, a field of expertise from which the Doctoral Research starts, through a critical perspective, seeks to disable the discourse on Islamist radicalization and the representations of young Muslims as new Folk Devils. His main research interests revolve around the intersection of urban space and bodies, focusing on themes such as leisure activities, urban cultures, youth cultures, music and subcultures.